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Windshield Replacement San Francisco

Windshield Repair San Francisco

Windshield Replacement

It can be difficult sometimes for customers to tell solely by the damage whether they are going to need a windshield repair or windshield replacement. Usually, the damage caused by a rogue pebble or stone causes only a minute amount of damage and can be fixed cheaply and quickly without any invasive procedures. When the damage is neglected, however, the result can be a windshield that becomes cracked and a damaged area that becomes too big to fix.

If you want to attempt a preliminary diagnosis, inspect the overall size of the crack or chip. If the area is smaller than a quarter in all dimensions, then the damage can be repaired in 90% of cases. If the damage has grown or is slightly larger than a quarter in diameter, then the question of windshield repair versus windshield replacement has to be answered on a case by case basis. Finally, if the damage is any larger than what was described above, then the damage will most likely have to be taken care of with a full windshield replacement.

Windshield Replacement

Throughout the Portland area, we have several dispatch sites with technicians waiting to respond to you at your location. Our mobile windshield repair and replacement services are offered with no added cost to you and allows us to be able to respond quicker than many other companies, often within the same day. Our selection of materials consist of high quality OEM glass and urethane adhesive components that give your new windshield the look and feel of one that just came out of the manufacturer's assembly plant. Every single AutoGlass San Francisco technician is NGA Certified and ready to perform your needed windshield replacement while observing all installation and safety procedures.

You will receive the best, most accurate quote by giving us as much information about your car and windshield as possible. There are many new features installed in later model windshields that interact directly with the automobile and in order to do the best windshield replacement possible, these factors need to be considered beforehand. Some of the features that are built in include automatic rain sensors, rear-view dimmers, antennae and even heated low view areas.

When calling, please have this information as well as your car's make, year and model ready so that we can give you the lowest quote possible. By customizing every quote to our customers' exact situation, we manage to keep windshield replacement costs low while simultaneously being able to offer five-star service.